We Believe

We believe that your health depends upon the food our animals eat so..

Healthy Soil = Healthy Grass = Healthy Animals = Healthy Milk = Better Tasting Food = Happy People!

The 2,500 acres of Laverstoke Park Farm and the parkland at Laverstoke are certified as organic by the Soil Association and our 9 hectare vineyard is classed as biodynamic by Demeter.

Biodynamics was a movement started in 1924 by Rudolf Steiner, with the idea that the farm is regarded as a whole unit. Biodynamic preparations are added to the compost and the land, and planting follows the cycles of the moon as much as possible in a British climate.

In years gone by people ate to stay healthy as there were no antibiotics etc. Eating the foods that your grandmother told you to eat is a sensible approach and one we aim to follow at Laverstoke Park Farm. There are two organisations which closely match up with our health philosophies, and we find their guidance very helpful:

• Weston A. Price (of which we are a local chapter) www.westonaprice.org

• Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation www.price-pottenger.org.

Microbiology Services

Soil biology is critical to a healthy farming environment and quality food production. Especially in organic / natural farming and growing. So we have established the only licensed Soil Foodweb Laboratory in Europe to study the activity of different groups of beneficial micro-organisms in the soil.

Microbiology Services more info >

Laverstoke Park Laboratories is in partnership with Lancrop Laboratories in York, who have nearly 30 years’ experience in the production of analytical chemistry data from many different materials. Both companies have entered into a joint venture to supply high quality soil biology and chemistry testing to ensure the best advice is given to agronomists, farmers, land managers and the general public.

Analytical Chemistry Lab more info >

A sample report can be viewed here >

“Soil is 90% of farming, if you can maintain and build a healthy soil, most of the problems will go”