We never a tire of seeing a fresh batch of our organic buffalo mozzarella floating away, fresh out the mould... ❤️ #freshtorder #organic #buffalomozzarella #hampshire https://t.co/PJMsJt3PxT Laverstoke photo

Face planting a cool mud bath doesn’t seem the worst idea right now! 🥵☀️ We hope everyone is managing to stay cool! 🌡 #organicmudbath #laverstokespa #mudmask #hothot #buffalo https://t.co/83VnC2NYCl

Nothing beats a refreshing, English summer salad in this heat ☀️ Especially one that looks this good!
📸 In the words of @zajoch: “You’ll never buy the supermarket one [mozzarella] again. It’s pretty damn close to the best buffalo mozzarella I had in Campania.” Thank you! 😍 https://t.co/lA5D6XPevD
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We're backing 24 Hours in Farming again this year! This is our shepherd, James, who looks after over 1100 sheep on our organic farm... 🐑❤️ #farm24 #24hoursinfarming #shepherd https://t.co/N0MFLvb7JF Laverstoke photo

What are the benefits of our homemade compost?
- Increases nutrient level and microbial activity in the soil 🌡️
- Enhances plant growth & quality 🌱
- Reduces disease ⚠️
- Improves drainage & moisture retention 💧
- Reduce waste going to landfills- lower carbon footprint 👣 https://t.co/2jMowRSqJU
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Buffalo produce far less milk than traditional cows but their milk has exceptional qualities such as a high solid content making it excellent for buffalo mozzarella & ice cream! Buffalo milk is very white, beautifully smooth & an important source of protein and calcium! #organic https://t.co/Zb6JYpRUou Laverstoke photo