If you haven’t tried this yet- it’s a must! 😍 Available at @Pret 🌱❤️ https://t.co/MsVPLw1MUN Laverstoke photo

Tickets for our farm tour, wine tasting and BBQ event are selling fast! 🍾🥂 🐃Deadline for last remaining spaces is on Friday 28th June. Tickets are £30 per person 😃Contact us here: https://t.co/gu8pnjQ7EK https://t.co/9O0g3Cb8HJ Laverstoke photo

We're very excited about starting the build of our new trommel on the compost site! It will increase the efficiency of our compost production, keep your eyes peeled for the 'after' pictures! #PAS100 #compost #newtoy https://t.co/WVcrd51KXz Laverstoke photo

Nothing beats a good face wash! 😂 After all, they are named Water Buffalo for a reason! ❤️🐃💦 #waterbuffalo #keepingclean #faceplant https://t.co/oHHiXO9LB5

Monday’s call for a lighter but delicious tricolour salad to cover up the sins of the weekend! 🐷 Thanks to @Riverford for this beautiful picture ❤️💚 #mozzarellamondays #healthyeating #balanceddiet #dinnerinspo https://t.co/pgm9IrPojL Laverstoke photo

At least the rain has been fun for some! 😁🌧🐃 Happy Friday all! ❤️ #waterbuffalo #fridayfeels https://t.co/L6bbrghUmm Laverstoke photo
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