That’s another afternoon milking done! 😄 Water buffalo produce half the milk of a conventional dairy cow- but it’s rich with twice the nutrients, including calcium, protein and vitamin A! 🐃 #waterbuffalo #nutrientrich #organic

A sunny weekend is upon us! ☀️ All scream for ice cream! 😄 Our delicious buffalo milk ice creams are available at all @Fullers pubs! 🍦Vegan flavours available too @FullersKitchen #onlyatfullers #beproudofit #icecream #buffalo Laverstoke photo

Today is the first day of Hop harvest! Our hop processing machine (that was built in 1973!) separates the flowers from the vines, leaves & string- leaving us with heaps of our Fuggles hops, ready to be dried & sent off to the brewers to make our Organic Lager & Ale! 🍻🌿

We’re proud to announce a delicious collaboration of great British dining & great British buffalo mozzarella. #TheIvy have launched a brand new dish to their #autumnmenu, Laverstoke Organic Buffalo Mozzarella with crispy artichokes, pear & truffle honey. @theivywinchester Laverstoke photo

How could you possibly resist?! Feast your eyes on this #stickytoffeepudding with buffalo milk #saltedcaramel ice cream from The Union Tavern! #repost @capitalhunger #fullerskitchen #beproudofit Laverstoke photo

Nothing beats a good fuss - I think our girls would agree! #buffalo #farmlife Laverstoke photo
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