Analytical Chemistry Lab

Laverstoke Park has equipped a fully comprehensive analytical chemistry laboratory. The laboratory has been primarily designed for soil and food analysis with the agricultural community in mind. The services of the laboratory are aimed to provide consultants, farmers, horticulturists, amenity managers and the food industry with reliable, analytical data to make sound decisions on management practices. Laboratory facilities include several high tech mass spectrometers including ICP-MS, LC-MS and GC-MS in addition to traditional analytical instrumentation.

ICP-MS – Used for elemental determination in various sample matrices to part per trillion concentrations.

GC-MS – Analysis of flavors and volatile species in samples, allowing for pesticide and food/beverage analysis.

LC-MS – Versatile powerful technique allows for the analysis of specific compounds within complex samples.

Soil chemistry: Total, Albrecht and Reams Analyses

We provide a range of soil analyses including pH, UK soil indices, organic matter, total extractions and the Albrecht and Reams methods. The total extractions provide insight into the total levels or long term supply of soil nutrients. The Albrecht method yields information on the exchangeable fraction (medium term supply) of soil nutrients, while the Reams method uses a weak extractant which mimics that of root exudates and highlights the soluble or plant available fraction of essential nutrients (short term supply). We also provide analytical services made to order and can cater for any specific requirements you may have.

For more information on our Chemistry services, please contact the Chemistry Lab Manager on 01256 772654 or by email at