Our Produce

Laverstoke leads the way in Biodynamic and Organic Farming methods in the UK. However we prefer to use the term ‘farming with nature’ as we believe our methods go further than biodynamics and organics. The farm covers some 2,500 acres (or 1,200 football pitches) that is certified as Biodynamic by Demeter and the parkland is certified as Organic by the Soil Association. Laverstoke Park Farm specialises in producing buffalo mozzarella, buffalo ice-cream, black pudding, beers, wines and much, much more! Our aim is simply to produce the…

“Best-tasting, healthiest food, without compromise”


Introducing our new…

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Buffalo Ricotta

Buffalo Gouda

Buffalo Mozzarella

Buffalo Cheddar

Buffalo Milk Ice Cream

Black Pudding

Pilgrim’s Lager

Lutrin’s Real Ale

Organic Apple Juice

Sparkling Wine

Compost Mix

Active Mulch