Buffalo Mozzarella

We produced the first serious buffalo mozzarella to be made in the UK.  Nothing is added to lengthen the shelf life – it is simply made with buffalo milk fresh from the dairy.

If you thought only the Italians can make fabulous mozzarella, think again. We travelled to Italy to learn from the masters, and now we think we’ve beaten them at their own game! The milk from our own herd of buffalo is especially sweet and fragrant thanks to our grass with 31 herbs, grasses and clovers. Creamy white, smooth and delicate with a subtle tang, this is the one to beat.

How should you eat it?

Consider the firmness of the mozzarella before deciding how you are going to eat it. If it is very firm, serve it as eaten in Italy, completely naturally – simply cut in half and eaten with your fingers! When mozzarella is really fresh, you will experience a burst of freshness, the milk will ooze out… southern Italians say that if you don’t have a mess on your face, you aren’t eating mozzarella! This is what fresh mozzarella is really about. If it is less firm it is best eaten as Insalata Caprese – with tomato, fresh basil and olive oil. A wonderful Italian antipasto (starter) – for variety you can add olives, balsamic vinegar, garlic. And if you haven’t managed to eat it whilst it was very firm, it is still lovely if you add it to your Tomato Pasta. In many cases people with aversions to cow’s milk can consume buffalo milk with no ill effect. However, anyone wishing to use buffalo milk as a prophylaxis should first seek medical advice.


Bocconcini are small individual balls of Buffalo Mozzarealla cheese which are ideal used in salads, as hors d’oeuvres, lightly cooked on the BBQ or just as a snack. These sachets come as 5 x 25g mozzarella balls. Very versatile.   Mozzarella is best eaten at room temperature. Your cheese comes packed in salted water to keep it fresh and moist (no artificial preservatives!). Take the pot out of the fridge about 45 minutes before serving, and leave it in the packaging. Five minutes before serving, remove from the pot and drain in a colander.

Because our buffalo mozzarella is made fresh on the farm, you may find it has a different texture from the mozzarella usually found in the UK. Fresh mozzarella is quite firm and is best enjoyed on its own, simply cut into quarters. After about four days it becomes softer and is perfect served sliced with tomato, fresh basil leaves, olive oil, freshly ground pepper and a little rock salt.