Wholesale & Bulk

From restaurants to delicatessens, farm shops to pub chains, we can supply you with our range of Organic Buffalo cheeses, Buffalo ice cream and Black pudding. Not forgetting our award winning Sparkling Wines.

We are passionate about our produce and we want you to be too.

We would love to hear from you, so to place a large order or to make an enquiry… call our wholesale sales number 01256 772800 option 1 or email us on sales@laverstokepark.co.uk.

Interested in becoming a Laverstoke distributor or stockist? Please call 01256 772800 option 1

Some of our wholesalers and distributors are listed below, for more information please contact us!

South of England 

  • La Chasse
  • Longman Cheese Sales
  • The Cheese Merchant
  • Arthur David
  • The Cheese Man
  • Harvest Fine Foods
  • Medina Food Service (& Isle of Wight)

North of England

  • Organic North
  • I Mellis Cheesemongers (Scotland)
  • Winster Foods
  • Cryer & Stott


  • Harvey  & Brockless
  • Wellocks
  • Carron Lodge