Our Hops

For our lager & ale we have collected and grown traditional hop varieties, some dating back to 1830 and selected the best combinations for their aroma and flavour. We grow our hops in two quiet corners of Laverstoke Park Farm called Pilgrims Field and Lutrins Field.

Although we farm under both biodynamic and organic standards, we go much further in our quest to produce the very best hops and barley. Our micro-biology lab continuously tests the terroir, adding compost and compost teas so the biology in the soil has just the right proportions of beneficial bacteria and fungi for the hops and barley to be at their best and most flavoursome.


We often get asked which hops we use in our beers. The answer is that we grow a wide variety of hops on the farm which are formulated in different percentages to produce our ale and lager. Among those we grow are Fuggles, Bodicea, Cobb’s Golding, Northdown, Challenger, Farnham Whitebine and White Grape.

Our Lager & Ale

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Available to Enjoy at:

  • L’ortolan, Reading
  • The Wykeham Arms, Winchester

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  • Ocado
  • Nectar Imports
  • Vintage Roots