This Laverstoke Park Farm Vinaigrette is very quick & easy to do. To make use a pot with a lid, like a clean jam jar so you can shake all the ingredients together. The quantities listed make a portion suitable for two small salads so please increase to suit the size of your container.


15ml Red Wine Vinegar
10ml White Wine Vinegar
15ml Dijon Mustard
30ml Farrington Mellow Yellow Rapeseed Oil
Salt, Pepper & Garlic seasoning to taste


First put the Red Wine vinegar in the pot then add the White Wine vinegar.
Next add the Dijon mustard.
Follow with the lovely Mellow Yellow RapeSeed Oil.
Add a little twist of salt, pepper & garlic seasoning to taste.
Then make sure the lid is put on securely, gave it a good shake & Ta Dahh!