Where to Buy

If you want to buy our Laverstoke Ice Cream then Eight Food online is our only UK stockist. Eight offer the UK’s only nutritious, naturally boosted frozen meal range, all hand made at their kitchen in Battersea and have now added our award winning ice cream to their Frozen Shop.


Abel & Cole

You’re one stop shop for all things Organic! As well as recipe boxes, you can pick up all your essentials. Striving to deliver fresh organic produce to your door- both seasonal and sustainable! You can find our  organic buffalo mozzarella here.

We’re proud to work closely with the expert chef’s at Fuller’s to supply them exclusively with delectable ice cream flavours using our creamy and nutritious buffalo milk. We also supply them with Buffalo Gouda cured in their iconic HSB bitter.

You can now buy an array of Laverstoke products through Ocado when you do your normal weekly shop. From Buffalo Mozzarella, Black Pudding, Organic Ale & Lager to organic raw petfood, all available now online.

Why not visit your local Waitrose to purchase our 125g Buffalo Mozzarella, the perfect companion to a fresh salad, or melted onto home baked pizzas. Packed with calcium, protein, vitamins and minerals.

If you’re in the big city and immersing yourself in the London culture- pop into the renown Fortnum & Mason’s store in Piccadilly, where you can find our Biodynamic Sparkling wines.  For more information on our wines, visit here.


Southern Co-op

Local produce for local stores in Hampshire. Why not treat yourself and your family to one of our delicious buffalo milk ice creams sold in Southern Co-op and a 125g ball of our deliciously creamy buffalo mozzarella.

Cherished Farm Shop

The Cherished Farm Shop, based at Laverstoke Farm and run by Nutriment, is home to a much loved cafe with an enclosed dog playing field. Offering light refreshments, they also take a range of Laverstoke’s best sellers, including mozzarella, black pudding and ice cream.

Home to the Waitrose Farm, this beautifully situated farm shop and cafe is bursting with fresh local produce, and the perfect stop for a bite to eat and refreshment. Why not stop by and pick up some of our mozzarella, gouda, cheddar, black pudding, lager & ale?

Everything organic… so if you are in and around London then why not pop in and grab some delicious treats. Click here to find your nearest store.

As their slogan suggests they ‘live life on the veg’. Organic farmers producing organic recipe boxes, featuring our creamy buffalo mozzarella, they supply everything you need for exciting, vibrant and veg filled meals.



It’s all about the healthy option at Whole Foods Market. Stockists of our Black Pudding and organic buffalo cheeses, packed and ready to enjoy at home.


Nutriment, specialists in all things raw for your pet’s dietary needs. Nutriment are the producers of our Laverstoke Park pet food, with the full range available on site at the Cherished Farm shop.