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Raw food (also known as BARF – Biologically Appropriate Raw Food) is a completely natural diet for your pets, free from processing. Dogs are carnivores – they have evolved and thrived on raw food for millennia, it is what their digestive systems were designed for.

Jody Scheckter started Laverstoke Park Farm with the goal of producing “the best tasting, healthiest food without compromise” for himself and his family. Jody says “For me, it’s simple. For thousands of years, people have evolved on a natural diet and it has only been in the last 80 years that we have starting consuming processed foods which I believe has contributed to many of the health problems people experience today. I believe it is the same for dogs; they didn’t develop over the centuries on cooked processed food and dried biscuits!”

How our Pure Raw Pet Food range came about…

“I always fed our own two Ridgebacks and miniature Yorkie on processed food. I was told about Raw Pet Food and began to research it. It all started to make sense – the same principles and philosophies applied for dogs as we have for our human health. We’ve switched our dogs to Raw Food and they have never been happier” says Jody.

Our Pure Raw Pet Food range uses the same philosophies and principles that the Farm has been built on, and includes meat, bones and offal from buffalo, beef, lamb, pork and chicken, all designed to get your dog’s tail wagging! Our products have been carefully designed to meet all the nutritional needs of your dogs (and working dogs) both at rest and at play: high in essential proteins, amino acids, fatty acids, Omega 3 & 6 ( organic grass fed meat is naturally high in omega 3 & 6), along with vitamins and minerals, all readily available in a highly digestible and natural form. A balanced raw diet can help improve your dogs health, happiness, coat, teeth and help reduce allergies. Our range supports a healthy immune system, healthy joints and strong healthy muscles and gives your dog a 100% nutritionally balanced diet.

The Pet Food is made in our own onsite dedicated pet food production plant. All products are produced and frozen on the same day to preserve quality and freshness. The range contains pure meat, offal and bone with absolutely no additives or fillers. We often use cuts of meat and offal that are less popular for humans, this means less waste which in turn reduces our carbon foot print. Our packaging is minimal and recyclable too. Laverstoke Park Farm also have an organic range alongside our conventional products. You can also choose from our “complete” range which is 100% nutritionally balanced or our “pick and mix” range which allows you the freedom to create your own unique diet for your dog/s.

Jody's son Tomas with Bolt

If you are new to raw feeding, please take some time to read through our Easy Switch Guide and Feeding Guide.

If you have any questions at all, please contact us:

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Can a raw diet be fed to any dog?

Yes, it can.  However, some medical conditions may need monitoring more closely – although no more so than with any other feed.

Raw feeding seems very complicated compared to processed food

Raw feeding is no more difficult. At Laverstoke Park Farm, we have designed a nutritionally-balanced complete raw food diet for those starting out on raw feed. As you become more confident, you can progress on to our “pick and mix” range if you wish.

Are raw bones dangerous for dogs?

No, they are not.  Dogs have a suitable skull and dental structure along with the correct digestive system to chew and digest raw bones very easily.  Dogs should always be supervised when given bones. Any food can pose a choke hazard so supervision is recommended at all mealtimes.

I like the idea of feeding raw food but giving bones really scares me

Don’t worry, switching to raw food can seem a bit daunting at first (like any change to something new and different) but think of the health of your dog and research the real ingredients in “kibble”. You do not have to give whole bones, you can feed our raw minces which include bones.

I’ve always been told never to feed chicken bones to dogs

Cooked chicken or poultry bones should NEVER be given, as cooking dries them out and makes them brittle. Raw bones are very different – they remain softer and are easily broken up by chewing.

My vet says raw food diets are bad for dogs and I should stick with processed food.

Vets are generally not nutritionists and are subjected to the same blanket advertising and sales pitches from processed food manufacturers as the buying public. However, many vets will agree that responsibly produced raw food is a healthy option for your dog.

I’ve heard that feeding raw food makes dogs aggressive?

This is another myth and it is simply not true. Raw fed dogs enjoy their food more – imagine how you would feel if, after years of processed biscuits, you were suddenly given delicious food to eat! Your dog may just be more enthusiastic about the delicious bones.

Can I mix processed and raw together?

No, definitely not. Processed food moves through your dog’s digestive system more slowly than raw feed. Since dogs evolved eating raw meat and bones, their high stomach acidity breaks down bone content and bacteria very efficiently. If you feed a “kibble” and raw mixture, the “kibble” slows down the digestion of raw and allows the possibility of bacteria being able to flourish. Raw fed dogs are not prone to any higher risks of bacteria since their stomachs are more acidic, meaning bacteria can’t survive.

Can I expect to see a difference?

Firstly, your dog will be enjoying the biologically appropriate food he was designed for. He may appear to be healthier and happier. Raw fed dogs utilise most of their feed – this results in smaller, firmer bowel movements which are often odourless. Raw fed dogs also drink less because the higher moisture content of raw feed hydrates them. Water should always be available but you may notice a marked decrease in intake.

Please may I have my dinner now?