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Water Buffalo herd at Laverstoke Park Farm

Water Buffalo in the fields of Laverstoke ParkOur Water Buffalo originally descend from Asian Buffalo, like those in India and Pakistan. They are called Water Buffalo as in the wild they inhabit swampy, wet areas. Our animals were actually imported from Italy and also Romania in Eastern Europe where they are still a very important farm animal and are used to pull carts and ploughs. They are tame, friendly and curious animals. They are also quieter and easier to milk than most cows. Our buffalo herd numbers are over 1,500.

Buffalo meat is a tasty alternative to beef. Their milk is very rich and creamy. It makes beautiful cheese, ice-cream and milkshakes.


Some Interesting Facts about Buffalo Meat

* Buffalo are a BSE & TSE Free species

* Cooks like finest quality beef

Reared in large straw bedded yards, or grassy paddocks, the young buffalo are fed on a completely natural diet of hay, straw, a blend of GM free cereals or grass from clover rich pastures. No meat, bone or fish meals are fed to our buffaloes. Every attention is paid to the animal’s welfare. From baby calves to the day they leave the farm, no growth promoting hormones are used, nor antibiotics administered to any animal bearing the quality assured seal of Laverstoke Park. Free from the worries of BSE, antibiotic residue, Buffalo Meat is a natural choice for all those who still enjoy eating meat.

Buffalo is full flavoured and tender. It can be prepared much the same way as beef without special handling.


Buffalo Mozzarella

Laverstoke Park Farm is now producing the first serious organic buffalo mozzarella in the UK; nothing is added to lengthen the shelf life – it is simply made with buffalo milk fresh from the dairy. Almost zero food miles as well.

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