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Twickenham Butchers Shop

It’s so much more than just a butchers shop!

Why not take a trip to our fabulous farm shop in Twickenham and have a chat with one of our on-site, friendly, experienced butchers.

They will be able to talk you through our various cuts of meat and advise you on the best way to prepare and cook them to get the most out of your purchase. It’s a great way to be inspired to try something new and delicious! 

We believe we have one of the most impressive meat displays in London and feel very proud of the selection we have to offer.

As well as the vast range of fresh meats available, we stock the whole range of Laverstoke Park Farm produce, from our classic beef biltong to our yummy buffalo milk ice cream.

  • Fresh Organic Beef, Lamb, Pork, Wild Boar and Chicken produced on the Farm
  • A range of Buffalo products from our own herd
  • Award winning Organic Mozzarella, Ice Cream, Buffalo Milk and our new "To 
   good to be called Brie"
  • Organic Pies, Quiches and Sausage Rolls from the Laverstoke Park Farm kitchen
  • Organic Ale, Lager, Cider, Apple Juice and Beetroot Juice
  • Authentic Beef Biltong and Jerky, perfect for snacking
  • A variety of Organic Sausages, Burgers and other products perfect for the BBQ

We also have a wide variety of nitrate and gluten free sausages that are incredibly tasty and full of flavour.

Our creamy buffalo mozzarella is considered by many top chefs to be of better quality than that imported all the way from Italy due to the fact it reaches you so wonderfully fresh. You can also purchase seasonal organic fresh fruit and vegetables biodynamical grown in our walled garden on our farm in Hampshire.

At the front of the shop you will find a well-stocked deli counter offering a range of organic goodies from specialty cheeses to olives.

So if you work locally or you’re just passing by and feeling a little peckish, we offer a great range of ‘food to go’. You can choose from our wonderful organic sausage rolls, our glorious array of pies down to our healthy meat snacks of biltong and jerky.

Come and pay us a visit…. 35 King Street Parade, Twickenham TW1 3SG (Tel 020 8744 1112).

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