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Lab and Soil

Soil is 90% of farming, if you can maintain and build a healthy soil, most of the problems will go

Microbiology Services

Soil biology is nearly always neglected but is critical to a healthy farming environment and quality food production. especially in organic /natural farming and growing  We have established the only licensed Soil Foodweb Laboratory in all of Europe, our lab studies the activity of different groups of beneficial micro-organisms in the soil.

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Laverstoke Park Laboratories is pleased to announce that we are now in partnership with Lancrop Laboratories in York, who have nearly 30 years’ experience in the production of analytical chemistry data from many different materials. Specialising in the agricultural, environmental, horticultural and amenity sectors soils, plant tissue, organic materials and fertilisers, Lancrop supplies chemistry testing services to a huge range of customers. They approached Laverstoke as they recognise attitudes are changing, and people are more than ever looking to include soil biology into their land management strategies. Therefore, both companies have entered into a joint venture to supply high quality soil biology and chemistry testing to both customer bases to ensure the best advice is given to agronomists, farmers, land managers and the general public.

Contact the lab for more information:  01256 772654

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Workshops and Seminars

Critical to a sustainable intensification of your crops whilst reducing inputs involves understanding the life in your soil. Sustainable farming relies on an understanding that the soil is a living organism and as a result, this living system must be fed and treated just as any other animal or crop. Conventional practices can be adjusted step by step in order to make way for a flourishing and ever-increasing soil biological population that will not only help your plants, but will help maintain a high quality soil.

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