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Organic Ale & Vineyard

Hop harvest September 2012

Organic Ale in bottle and glassThis traditional bottle conditioned ale has a remarkably full flavour and has been produced by master brewers utilising the traditional hops and barley grown on the farm. We now also produce an organic Real Lager brewed in a similar way to our ale and brewed with ingredients grown on the farm. Both the ale and the lager have been featured in CAMRA's beer club.

We have collected and grown old traditional hop varieties and selected the best combination of these for their aroma, and balanced them with additional organic hops, in this, our first beer. We are biodynamic and organic and go much further than both to produce excellent, flavoursome hops and barley. Our micro-biology lab continuously tests the soils, adding compost and compost teas so that the biology in the soil has the right proportions of beneficial bacteria and fungi for the hops and barley to be at their best and most flavoursome. This creates the deep flavours of the beer.

Hops used in our Organic Real Ale and Real Lager

We often get asked which hops we use in our beers and the answer is that we grow a wide variety of hops on the farm which are formulated in different percentages to produce our ale and lager. Among those we grow are Fuggles, Bodicea, Cobb's Golding, Northdown, Challenger, Farnham Whitebine and White Grape.

Currently available on Ocado, our farm shops in Overton & Twickenham and also available Online.


The vineyard of Laverstoke Park currenty comprises of 9 hectares of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier. Within each of these varieties clones were selected for their suitability to produce quality organic sparkling wine in the often difficult UK growing conditions. Each chosen to provide a different dimension for the winemaker to craft together a quality organic English sparkling wine.

The site of the vineyard was chosen because of the slope, exposure to the sun and also to help manage the vigour of the vine and the impact of disease. A small area was initially planted in 2006 then the majority was planted in 2007 at a vine density of 5000 vines per hectare.

These vines are managed organically and biodynamically with the focus on developing the soil to support the vine. This involves applying Laverstoke's own compost made on site and regular testing using the onsite laboratory to ensure the correct biology in the soil. There is also regular applications of compost tea to the foliage of the vine and the inter row to assist the vine in its defence against disease.

The management of the vineyard is very much based on tried and tested techniques with the health of the vine the most important consideration in everything that we do.

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